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Freaky Dom Friday Part 1

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I always wondered how good it would feel to have sex with me.. well finally I’m going to make it happen.

Goddess Sydney is standing in front of a mirror, gazing with lust upon the hottest woman she’s ever seen – herself of course.. it would be an understatement to say she was self absorbed, but for good reason of course. She amazes at the softness of her skin, the curves of her body, how much sexiness she exudes, and begins to wonder how it must feel to even get ot have sex with such an amazing Goddess as herself. If only there was a way she could.. switch bodies with someone so she could actually do it.

She meets up with her slave later that day for a session, but she’s too preoccupied with this fantasy of fucking herself, so she just sends him under the bed, crawls in and nods off.. She wakes up feeling rather strange and confined. Wait a second, why is she under the bed?? She crawls out only to find herself laying in the bed. She realizes now that her prayers have been answered! She suddenly looks down at herself with lust as her slave is shocked to find himself in his own mistress’s body.

The urge to take advantage of this situation is too great, and she orders her slave, now in her body, to get on the bed. Her sub has no idea what’s coming. She starts to play with her, having the ultimate out of body experience and getting extremely turned on being with herself, using toys on herself, teasing herself, and even playing with her own new male body. What an amazing feeling!

She decides to go all out and ties her hands together. The slave is definitely not ready for what’s about to transpire, but it’s definitely going to be a wild, freaky ride!