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Oh I know what turns you on… Go ahead, put my school bag down. Keep looking at my shoes, bitch. My socks are so damp, I’ve been wearing them all day! I bet they are really smelly. And I also bet that you love that don’t you?? Gross! I know you do. It’s probably driving you crazy right now.

Come on, come over here and smell my damp wet socks. I’m gonna rub them all over your face. Take off your pants so I can see your cock twitch when I put my smelly socks on your face. Now are you ready to let go and accept your addiction. There’s nothing like jerking off to smelly socks and muscular Asian legs is there?

I might not be aware that you’re even there, tiny little man, but it doesn’t mean i’m any less dangerous..

You’re another tiny shrunken little man, staring up at Sydney’s perfection and at her giant feet.. fortunately for you, she hast’t noticed you yet.. listen to Sydney’s voice and watch her sunbathe as she guides you through your tale of spying on her, the feelings that will go through you as she places her giant soles unknowningly right up in front of you.

Can you resist her huge Goddess soles, relaxing and scrunching right in your tiny little face? Each of her toes is like the size of a house compared to you, but you can’t help but become mesmerized as they wiggle and stretch above you. Watch as Sydney plays with her feet, massaging and inspecting them. They do get very dirty as she walks barefoot everywhere!

You manage to climb down to get an even better angle of her, in complete awe of her majesty as her voice guides you through this mesmerizing fantasy session. But will you survive to the end.. or will you end up being just another squashed tiny little man, destroyed under her giantess soles?..

I love to keep my tiny little human pets and play with them. However if they piss me off, they’re sure to meet a gruesome end!

You are one of Sydney’s little pets, and your Goddess comes home from the beach wearing her hot red bikini and platform sandals. Immediately her attention turns to you, as she wants to play with you. She picks you up and starts threatening to swallow you! You can only struggle in her huge hand as she repeatedly licks your entire body.. looking like she’s going to put you in her mouth!

Suddenly she puts you down again.. phew! But now you’re standing only inches tall in front of her huge Goddess feet. They’re as big as a bus compared to you! She orders you to worship her feet, but alas at your size you can’t do a very good job. You had better do good or she might just stomp you!

Finally she picks you up once more.. only to tease you even more and starts shoving you into her giant tits. You’re so puny compared to them but she knows you love it.. this is such a treat for you, aren’t you enjoying yourse-OUCH!!! Even at your tiny size, somehow you managed to scratch her and she is extremely upset. That is the final straw!!  This doesn’t bode well for you, dumb tiny human pet.. what will your fate be in giant Syndey’s hands??

Hi footboys! Ellie and I have a very special treat for you today! Our sexy feet and wrinkled soles!

Sydney and Ellie Idol are sitting back relaxing with their feet up and talking about foot fetishists and how excited and pathetic they get when they see a beautiful pair of soles! They both know they have super gorgeous feet and they have so many worshippers around the world. Get your cock out foot slut, and become mesmerized at their cute toes, sexy wrinkled soles!

Together with their super hot feet in your face, it’s almost too much to handle! They talk about how much they love having their feet worshipped and how they want you to suck on their toes. It’s a foot fetishist’s dream!

Sydney wants you to just edge throughout the video, but if you’re good they’ll give you a nice countdown at the end and let you cum to their perfect feet! So get over her footboy and start worshipping!

Today Ellie and I are going to need our shoes cleaned today, so get your slave tongue ready!

It looks like you’re ready to worship our shoes, bitch. But what’s a shoe worship session with the humiliation part right? We both love looking down at you while you’re worshipping our feet. We’re gonna have you bow down and kiss the bottom of our shoes ever so passionately. Now you have to clean both our heels by licking all the dirt and grime away from it.

Feel like stroking the heels of our shoes? Go on. We know that reminds you of your perverted skinny little dick! You know we like having a loser bitch on hand to humiliate and keep our shoes clean, so keep stroking, keep worshiping and bow down to your new Goddesses and their powerful heels!