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It’s no secret you’re short. But I didn’t know you’d get even shorter from humiliation.

Sydney wants to remind you of something that’s pretty obvious. You’re short. And she claims that makes you a loser. The more she tells you how short you are, the shorter you get. You can just feel yourself shrinking. What is going on? You get smaller and smaller as Sydney berates you more and more. Sydney prefers tall men. And you’re just losing inches the longer she humiliates you. There’s a good reason you’ve never been with a woman in your life.

And it’s all because you are disgustingly smart. Finally after a few minutes, Sydney notices you’re actually getting shorter. Of course, it only encourages her to keep going. She thinks you deserve every ridicule that comes out of her mouth. The only upside to getting smaller is that you now have a much better vantage point to obsess over her ass.

Of course she’s just going to tease you. She would never let a little insignificant shorty like you near her. Look how small you are now anyway.. you’re the size of a bug! And you know what Sydney does when she finds disgusting little bugs? She puts them out of their misery under her sexy, giant feet!

Oh hi there mister pervert! Do you know who I am? I’m one of your neighbors! School just ended and I’d like you to do something for me. What’s that? You want me to call you loser? Ok! LOSER! Haha!

School girl Sydney is just on break and found out you’re a big submissive pervert! Now you’re going to have to do what see says or she’s going to tell everyone you know about your deviant ways. She wants you to peek under her skirt and worship her school girl legs and feet. She knows how easy it is for her to tease you and loves telling you how pathetic you are. You only have a few minutes loser so soak it up and worship while you can. She knows this is the best you can get, and still you have to PAY for her attention! If you keep paying and grovel maybe, just maybe she’ll make you her personal loser bitch!

Hang out with your Goddess as she awaits the arrival of her real man. You’re nothing but a friend zoned little step-brother to Her. This is a custom clip.Sit down Kyle, I’m glad you were able to come over.

You and I need to talk. I dressed up for you, you like it? I wanted to tell you something. Wait, no no, not that kind of like. No, I didn’t bring you over here so you and I could fuck. Are you kidding me? You like like a 16 year old. So no, that’s not going to happen. I have a real man coming in later to have sex with me. You’re just not manly enough for me.

So you’ll wait here with me until my man gets here. While we wait, I suggest you go shave. That sorry excuse for facial hair isn’t fooling anyone. Go shave and change into something more age appropriate so you’ll look like a 12 year old again. Ah you’re back. Wow, now you really look like you just hit puberty. You’re like my little step-brother now! Look at me: I’m a real mature woman. You on the other hand, seriously, you really thought you had a chance at *this*?