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It’s time to put your devotion for me above your useless marriage!

You know what your wife’s disposition is – she’s merely a distraction from your true desires, namely your perfect Asian Goddess Sydney. Sydney feels she’s starting to become a nuisance and fucking up your relationship with her, so Sydney’s going to have you complete a little task today. You’re going to cum to her right on your wedding ring. This is going to prove to her where your true devotion lies!

So take off that silly little band and throw it in a shot glass. Sydney is going to guide you through a hot jerk off session, cleansing your brain of any thoughts about your obnoxious wife. Sydney the only one you truly need and this will just encourage you to take steps to make that sabotaging bitch even more irrelevant! She can tell by the bulge in your pants that you agree.. shall we get started?

Jerking it for my ass is one thing. Cumming for my ass is another. And jerking and cumming until I tell you to stop is the ultimate challenge.

Now here’s a fun game you and I can play. You’re obsessed with me and my royal ass right? And you love to stroke it over and over again right? You are going to stroke, jerk, rub your dick for my ass for the whole length of this video. If you cum, you have to keep stroking. Under absolutely no circumstances should you be stopping. I don’t care if you cum in the middle. I don’t care if you edge yourself, I don’t care what you do, as long as you follow the rules: keep fucking stroking it to my ass. Got it? And if you don’t cum during the video? You’ll just have to watch it over and over until you do. You can’t lose! Let’s see how long it takes you.