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Don’t think I don’t see you gawking at me at the gym. Maybe you didn’t know this, but that was my intention the entire time!

Sydney loves working out, it’s a big part of how she keeps her amazing Goddess figure! This kind of perfection doesn’t come easy.. however, she has a secret.. she actually really loves wearing tight gym clothes that show off all her ASSets. Not only does it make her feet super sexy, but she loves how the curves of her ass gets so many guys like you turning heads. She loves the attention she gets as she discracts you from your own workout.

Watch as she demonstrates her method of distracting men at the gym, with close up views of her ass and nipples poking out right through her sports bra. Fortunately for you, you’re not at the gym right now, so she wants you to do what you always wanted to while watching her doing squats – so pull out your cock and start storking to her perfect ass.

That’s right, drop your pants gym slave and start pumping away at your cock. She knows THIS is really your favorite exercise.. you must have really well developed arm muscles from all the jerking you do to Sydney. Make sure to follow her commands though, absolutely NO cumming without her permission!

If you have a thing for hot asian women in tight gym wear, this is DEFINITELY the clip for you!

Today I’m going to be performing one of my favorite workouts, ball kicking!

Sydney is with her ballbusting slave today, and they’re both going to be getting one hell of a workout. She starts fairly light, only giving him a few taps here and there, then starts picking up the pace. She kicks him from both the front and back, and laughs how he fidgets and gasps.

That was just the warm up.. now she really starts hammering him. She really wants to work out both legs, so she alternates kicking him with her right leg then her left. She’s really breaking a sweat now and amazingly the slave is still standing!

If you want to see an insane ballbusting session, this is the clip for you!