Asian Homewreckers

Once I sink my claws into you, you’re mine! Not even your puny marriage vows can save you…

Raevyn and her husband are talking about how much fun their party was the other night. Things are going so great between them and they’re really starting to build a fun life together. But just as Raevyn is talking about maybe getting a little more naughty next time, Sydney pops up and quickly puts them both out!

We fade back into the kitchen, however now hubby is hogtied up on the counter while his wife is bound and gagged, tied to a chair. Sydney welcomes them both back and informs them that she’s going to help them celebrate their anniversary! She walks out to reveal a huge black cock strap-on, just primed and ready for them!

The poor couple moans and whines, struggling to get free but there’s no escape! Sydney orders hubby to watch as she mounts his wife from behind, thrusting her huge black cock into her. At first Raevyn cries out, but then soon her cries turn to moans… within moments she goes from struggling to writhing in ecastsy! Sydney knows she’s going to fall in love with her cock and she’s right!

Finally leaving Raevyn satisfied, she takes off her gag and asks how much she loves this. Hubby looks on fearfully as his sweet wife confesses she loves it and wants more! Suddenly she’s now teaming up with Sydney and wants to help her take over pathetic men like her husband one by one! Thoroughly pleased by Sydney’s cock, Raevyn borrows a second strap-on and then both of them turn on to hubby.. watch now to find out what fate awaits him at the mercy of Sydney and his newly transformed wife!