Asian Nutcracker

Well hello slave! So you think you could take my Goddess kicks to your worthless balls? We shall see..

Sydney’s heard you actually like ball busting, so she’s decided she’s going to test you out today. You’ve been talking up how much you can take, but she’s also ruthless when it comes to ballbusting because it happens to be one of her favorite activities.

She orders you to strip and inspects your balls a bit. She’s really excited to kick them and tells you to stay still, naked and on your knees while she grabs some of her shoes. She comes back with some sexy heels and her workout sneakers. They’re her favorite sneakers and wants you to appreciate them, but she sees you can’t keep your eyes off her shiny heels. This begins to make her angry, you should feel LUCKY to even be this close to her sneakers and all you want is more??

Well she knows how to handle disrespectful, greedy little slaves like you. Line up slave and spread those legs!! Sydney demands constant compliments and praise and you just fucked up slave. She starts kicking you and you really can feel the full wrath of her sneakers. She’ll teach you never to forget to compliment every single part of her! Wham!! Wham!! Wham!! The kicks almost don’t stop until finally she decides to change into those shiney, pointy heels you were staring at so hard. Come her slave, we’ve only just begun!