A fun game of Tease and Denial, and tease, and denial. Do you feel lucky? Welcome to today’s episode of Wheel! Of! Misfortune! This show is not for normal folks. Vanilla people are not welcome! What is the Wheel Of Misfortune you ask? Well allow me to explain. The wheel has a number of different […]

It’s time to put your devotion for me above your useless marriage! You know what your wife’s disposition is – she’s merely a distraction from your true desires, namely your perfect Asian Goddess Sydney. Sydney feels she’s starting to become a nuisance and fucking up your relationship with her, so Sydney’s going to have you […]

Your face is only good to sit on! Now lay still as I position myself on top of it. Hey, I’ll even read to you for a bit, until you can no longer handle it. You are on your back. Sydney walks in with the book she was planning on reading. All she wants you […]

Your dominant girlfriend Sydney is going out to the gym, but you’re not coming with. No, she wants you to stay home and do your chores, while you think about how she’s getting herself all sweaty. She loves to keep you constantly lusting after her, that’s why she’s decided to edge you to her sexy […]

It’s no secret you’re short. But I didn’t know you’d get even shorter from humiliation. Sydney wants to remind you of something that’s pretty obvious. You’re short. And she claims that makes you a loser. The more she tells you how short you are, the shorter you get. You can just feel yourself shrinking. What […]

Oh hi there mister pervert! Do you know who I am? I’m one of your neighbors! School just ended and I’d like you to do something for me. What’s that? You want me to call you loser? Ok! LOSER! Haha! School girl Sydney is just on break and found out you’re a big submissive pervert! Now […]

I just love a nice warm freshly spanked butt! Don’t you? Sydney and Ava want to have some fun today, they know you love their asses so they give you a fresh tease, but also they both love spanking so they’re going to put on a little show for your own spank bank! They warm […]

Hey loser, how’s that pathetic life of yours going? Sydney is here today to talk to you about your pathetic loser life. She knows how some guys are just born a loser, grow up a loser and stay a loser well into their adulthood – just like you, isn’t that right dork? For some reason, you just never made it and instead decided to stay a single, […]

The fate of your mortality rests upon my forgiving fangs. They say that when a man faces a supernatural temptress, the man has to submit. I’m not here to eat you. I’m not here to take your life away. I’m here to play with your mortal manhood. Being the one with the upper hand (for […]