Ass Creep

If you decide you’re going to creep up on me, you’d better be ready for a beatdown!

Sydney is just getting out of work and walking through the parking lot to her car. You get to play the part of the creepy pervert following her and her amazing ass. She doesn’t even notice you right behind her, staring at her ass! She’s just going for a walk, swaying her hips and talking on the phone.

Quietly you keep following her, trying not to be noticed as you’re only a few feet from her gorgeous asian behind. You’re so mesmerized by her butt you inch closer and closer..

Suddenly she turns around! “What the hell are you doing? Are you following me, you ass creep!?” She gives you a swift kick to the nuts! You may be completely full of shame with aching balls now, but maybe it was worth it just to get close to such a sweet ass!