Ass Worship Session

Why hello little ass worshipper! Finally you have your session with me, I hope you’re ready…

You’re with Sydney today and you’re lucky enough to have gotten an ass worship session. She starts by laying down a few ground rules.. you are to keep your hands to yourself unless she says so, and obey all commands without question. She just wants to tease you with her perfect ass first. She orders you to start stroking and planting kisses all over her Goddess ass. Stroke slower, slave! She doesn’t want you blow it, this is going to be a long session..

Pay attention to her ass and her commands. It’s almost mesmerizing.. finally she lets you touch her ass, to feel how perfect and round it is.. that’s enough! back to stroking now. Stroke for Sydney’s gorgeous asian ass, but absolutely no cumming without her say so, so you had better control yourself! She orders you to tell her how much you worship her ass and admit that it controls your life. Buy and watch this video to get an in-depth first person experience of what you could experience if you were actually with her. Maybe someday you should contact the Goddess yourself and schedule a session