Butt Bully

e careful not to fall into my trap, because once I have you, you will be sacrificed for my ASS!!

Sydney has finally managed to find you and take her next ass boy prisoner. You see, he has lots of information she wants to extract and she’s decided to do it with her ass! It can’t move because it’s tightly bound with plastic wrap, and everyone knows how impossible it is to break those bonds! She begins with some light face sitting but it’s obvious the slave can’t handle very much, and you can sense the fear in his pathetic wimpers as he fights her ass to breathe..

She taunts her new human pillow that she’s going to suffocate him under her ass until she gets what she wants… he can fight and squirm all he wants, that’s actually one of her favorite parts haha! Sydney always wins! Watch her victim kick and fight under her ass as she just laughs at him. Every time she let’s him catch his breath she plops even harder on his face! You even get some POV action as she just pummels his face with her ass again and again. Oh can’t breathe? She doens’t care, that’s the whole point hahah!!!

Sydney teases the poor slave even more, telling it how excited this is making her and how he might not survive today’s encounter. She loves feeling the fear in her victims, but what if she’s gets too into it and forgets about the loser under her ass? Watch to see what fate awaits this human ass sacrifice!