Candid Client Talk

Let’s have a talk, about ass worship and what you can expect if you’re lucky enough to session with me.

You might find this clip a little different. Today Sydney’s going to be talking candidly about her experiences with asshole sniffers and how she prepares for these type of sessions. She gets a lot of questions about this so think of this as an in-depth ass Q&A! She knows there’s a variety of asshole worshippers. Some of them like it musty and smelly and others like it clean. For instance, before a dirty musty ass session, she describes how she will go to the gym or for a run, wearing the same panties from the day before and get them as hot and steamy as possible, cooking them in her ass crack before she shoves them in her ass boy’s face.

She talks about the pros of using cotton panties to soak up and retain as much Goddess scent and juices as possible. This makes these type of sessions even more enjoyable for her and for the person made to smell and worship. Go deep in this video with Astro to find out exactly how well she treats her ass minions, she knows exactly how to take them to heaven! And when you’re ready little bottom bitch, contact the Goddess and schedule an ass session for yourself!