Chastity Training Begins

Are you ready to submit and dedicate your life and body to your Goddess?

This is the beginning of your training. The beginning of your new life. Don’t worry, I’ll be there every step of the way. As the mastermind behind your transformation. Are you ready? You have doubts, I can tell. Resistance is futile. This will be your new future. Your new reality. For example, let’s take your manhood. You have been used to playing with it, touching it, jerking it off, being the boss of your cock. That is changing from now on. I am the boss now!

We are going to put your cock in a chastity cage. Let’s just lock it up. You walking around naked wearing just a chastity cage will be less of an eye sore than the way you look right now. Who wants a boring normal life anyway? Wouldn’t you rather have a life with purpose? To give me what I want!!