Goon To My Heart Shaped Ass (Extended Version)

Don’t you just adore my heart shaped asian ass? Well get ready for the perfect vday ass tease!

Sydney knows you can’t resist her ass, it’s so perfect and round, shaped like a perfect heart. That’s why this Valentine’s Day she’s going to encourage you to sit and goon for her ass all day! You both know there’s no other place you would rather be today than here, jerking your cock with your face right up in her Goddess backside.

She orders you to start stroking your cock for her ass, and to tell her just how much you love it. This is the best Valentines gift you could hope for. You can’t help yourself though, you just see those divine curves hovering right in front of your face and you lose all control.

She doesn’t need your flowers, or your love letters – no, she just wants your worship strokes and your praise for her ass and to hear you tell her just how completely her ass owns you. It’s the perfect relationship! So let’s make this the perfect Valentines day, spent gooning to your one true love – Sydney’s perfect asian butt!