Love My Lips

I know you can’t resist my beautiful Goddess face and amazing lips, so today you’re going to get a nice closeup view and a surprise ending!

Sydney is going to tease you today with her sexy made up lips, as she slowly makes out on glass right in front of you. You’re so close it’s almost as if she’s kissing your screen from the other side. For most of you, this will be the closest you will ever get to kissing the Goddess! Watch as she teases you with her tongue and leaves lipstick marks all over your screen.

After several minutes of admiriung her lips, she reveals her surprise. She’s got a huge strapon harnessed to her waist, and she orders you to sit on it! Get your ass over there and slowly lower yourself on it, sissy! Good, now that she has you pegged, it’s time for her next favorite activity.. she grabs you around the neck and starts to squeeze. Slowly but surely you start running out of breath, but she won’t let up.. instead you can see how excited this is making her. She loves to watch you struggle and fight to breathe, while her strapon is deep in your ass. Suddenly you fade to black…

when you come back, she’s incredibly turned on by doing that. So she grabs you again! She can’t get enough and tells you she wants to do that over and over and over again.. how long will you last? Watch the full clip to find out!