Pantyhose Cuckold Husband

Imagine your wife breaking the news to you that she’ll never ever have sex with you, because that’s exactly what I would do with you if we were married!…

Babe, it is time for a little talk. We have been married a while, but have not yet had sex. I have noted how you are lusting over me, always getting so excited when I dress or undress, and when you see me in panties and pantyhose.

Here’s the thing. We’re never going to have sex. You will be my cuckold husband. You’re just not fit to have sex with. You are not worthy of my body. I will have my sexual needs satisfied by well-hung real men. In fact, I’m already fucking a hunky lover behind your back. I’m going on a date with him tonight, which will end with the two of us having hot, steamy sex at his place.

Our new sex life will start tonight. I will have as much sex as I want with hot real men. And you will lick my pussy whenever I tell you to, when I’m horny, and need some quick relief.

I will allow you to jerk off in my presence, perhaps once a week. You’ll get used to it. Look how horny you are. I will allow you relief today before I leave to have sex with my lover. It will be your job to lick up my lover’s sperm from my well-fucked pussy. Does that excite you?