Pre Edging Ass Tease

Your dominant girlfriend Sydney is going out to the gym, but you’re not coming with. No, she wants you to stay home and do your chores, while you think about how she’s getting herself all sweaty. She loves to keep you constantly lusting after her, that’s why she’s decided to edge you to her sexy ass and feet before she leaves.

She orders you to get your cock out and turns around so she can shove her pink spandex covered ass and pretty bare feet right in your face. She can see how hard you are right now, but don’t you even think about cumming! She wants complete control over you, your cock and your orgasms. She wants you to put her desires ahead of your own needs if this relationship is going to work.

And boy does she test you, she brings you to the edge again and again, while your balls ache and your cock is just about to explode as it drips with pre-cum, and then she brings you back down again, making sure you get no release. Don’t worry you’ll get the hang of it, practice makes perfect, and if you do a good job she just might allow you to cum to her sweaty socks when she gets back!