Spank You Very Much

I just love a nice warm freshly spanked butt! Don’t you?

Sydney and Ava want to have some fun today, they know you love their asses so they give you a fresh tease, but also they both love spanking so they’re going to put on a little show for your own spank bank! They warm up by rubbing each other’s butts and seem to really get off on teasing you with them.

First it’s Sydney’s turn to get spanked and eagerly bends over Ava’s knee. Ava starts getting into it as she gives Sydney’s butt a few good smacks. She loves having her hot asian Goddess lover bent over waiting for her hard. Both of them are having tons of fun and laughing and moaning the whole time.

Finally it’s Ava’s turn and Sydney decides to give it to her good. She really loves seeing a hot ass with her hand marks on it and feeling how warm it gets after a couple good smacks! When they’re done they both give you another tease of their freshly spanked butts. A must for all spanking fans!