Take A Leap With Me

I love pressing my slave’s limits.. I know there’s always SOMEthing they want that will make them agreeable..

Sydney has you all to herself in her dungeon  is looking amazing with her legs shining under low light, it’s almost mesmerizing.,. she know’s you’re resistant to getting on her cross, bound and helpless, but she’s here to talk you through your fears today.

She knows exactly how much you love her amazing legs, and she’s going to be using them against you. They’re so perfectly muscular, shiny and shapely. You know you would let them squeeze you in half if she wanted to. She orders you to rub your cock through your pants while you observe how amazing they are.. she describes how she would wrap her legs around you and your cock, testing your limits and maybe driving you to have the best orgasm of your life..  but how far would you really go to be allowed to cum to her Goddess legs?

She informs you the only way she’ll do this is if you’re restrained up on her cross and she’s free to do with you what she wants. The thought scares you – you’d be comepletely helpless to her up there! She might destroy you with her sexy strong calves and there’s nothing you could do about it!

What do you say slave? Will you take the leap into the unknown with Sydney or will you wimp out and cum in your pants!?..