Unaware Foot Crush

I might not be aware that you’re even there, tiny little man, but it doesn’t mean i’m any less dangerous..

You’re another tiny shrunken little man, staring up at Sydney’s perfection and at her giant feet.. fortunately for you, she hast’t noticed you yet.. listen to Sydney’s voice and watch her sunbathe as she guides you through your tale of spying on her, the feelings that will go through you as she places her giant soles unknowningly right up in front of you.

Can you resist her huge Goddess soles, relaxing and scrunching right in your tiny little face? Each of her toes is like the size of a house compared to you, but you can’t help but become mesmerized as they wiggle and stretch above you. Watch as Sydney plays with her feet, massaging and inspecting them. They do get very dirty as she walks barefoot everywhere!

You manage to climb down to get an even better angle of her, in complete awe of her majesty as her voice guides you through this mesmerizing fantasy session. But will you survive to the end.. or will you end up being just another squashed tiny little man, destroyed under her giantess soles?..