It’s no secret you’re short. But I didn’t know you’d get even shorter from humiliation. Sydney wants to remind you of something that’s pretty obvious. You’re short. And she claims that makes you a loser. The more she tells you how short you are, the shorter you get. You can just feel yourself shrinking. What […]

I might not be aware that you’re even there, tiny little man, but it doesn’t mean i’m any less dangerous.. You’re another tiny shrunken little man, staring up at Sydney’s perfection and at her giant feet.. fortunately for you, she hast’t noticed you yet.. listen to Sydney’s voice and watch her sunbathe as she guides […]

I love to keep my¬†tiny¬†little human pets and play with them. However if they piss me off, they’re sure to meet a gruesome end! You are one of Sydney’s little pets, and your Goddess comes home from the beach wearing her hot red bikini and platform sandals. Immediately her attention turns to you, as she […]