Loser For Life

Hey loser, how’s that pathetic life of yours going?

Sydney is here today to talk to you about your pathetic loser life. She knows how some guys are just born a loser, grow up a loser and stay a loser well into their adulthood – just like you, isn’t that right dork? For some reason, you just never made it and instead decided to stay a single, sexless jerkaholic. And by this point you simply get off on being humiliated about it by hot Goddesses like her.

Even if you met a woman now, it wouldn’t matter, you wouldn’t even be able to fuck her. You would just want to drop to your knees and kiss her ass. You just want to worship and serve hot women for the rest of your life, and so that’s what Sydney is prescribing for you today. Not only that, you should only be worshipping HER ass. She loves humiliating you and keeping you her devoted slave. You know just how diabolical she is and this is why you keep on coming back.

So don’t try to fight it loser, just sit there with your little, over-jerked dick in your hand and take all of Goddess Sydney’s verbal humiliation while giving her worship strokes her ass, legs and hurtful words. This is all your good for, it’s what you live for and you know it loser!!