The Cuckzone

Hang out with your Goddess as she awaits the arrival of her real man. You’re nothing but a friend zoned little step-brother to Her. This is a custom clip.Sit down Kyle, I’m glad you were able to come over.

You and I need to talk. I dressed up for you, you like it? I wanted to tell you something. Wait, no no, not that kind of like. No, I didn’t bring you over here so you and I could fuck. Are you kidding me? You like like a 16 year old. So no, that’s not going to happen. I have a real man coming in later to have sex with me. You’re just not manly enough for me.

So you’ll wait here with me until my man gets here. While we wait, I suggest you go shave. That sorry excuse for facial hair isn’t fooling anyone. Go shave and change into something more age appropriate so you’ll look like a 12 year old again. Ah you’re back. Wow, now you really look like you just hit puberty. You’re like my little step-brother now! Look at me: I’m a real mature woman. You on the other hand, seriously, you really thought you had a chance at *this*?