Well hello slave! So you think you could take my Goddess kicks to your worthless balls? We shall see.. Sydney’s heard you actually like ball busting, so she’s decided she’s going to test you out today. You’ve been talking up how much you can take, but she’s also ruthless when it comes to ballbusting because […]

If you decide you’re going to creep up on me, you’d better be ready for a beatdown! Sydney is just getting out of work and walking through the parking lot to her car. You get to play the part of the creepy pervert following her and her amazing ass. She doesn’t even notice you right behind her, staring […]

Today I’m going to be performing one of my favorite workouts, ball kicking! Sydney is with her ballbusting slave today, and they’re both going to be getting one hell of a workout. She starts fairly light, only giving him a few taps here and there, then starts picking up the pace. She kicks him from […]