Your face is only good to sit on! Now lay still as I position myself on top of it. Hey, I’ll even read to you for a bit, until you can no longer handle it. You are on your back. Sydney walks in with the book she was planning on reading. All she wants you […]

Hey loser, how’s that pathetic life of yours going? Sydney is here today to talk to you about your pathetic loser life. She knows how some guys are just born a loser, grow up a loser and stay a loser well into their adulthood – just like you, isn’t that right dork? For some reason, you just never made it and instead decided to stay a single, […]

Hang out with your Goddess as she awaits the arrival of her real man. You’re nothing but a friend zoned little step-brother to Her. This is a custom clip.Sit down Kyle, I’m glad you were able to come over. You and I need to talk. I dressed up for you, you like it? I wanted […]