Don’t you just adore my heart shaped asian ass? Well get ready for the perfect vday ass tease! Sydney knows you can’t resist her ass, it’s so perfect and round, shaped like a perfect heart. That’s why this Valentine’s Day she’s going to encourage you to sit and goon for her ass all day! You […]

Imagine your wife breaking the news to you that she’ll never ever have sex with you, because that’s exactly what I would do with you if we were married!… Babe, it is time for a little talk. We have been married a while, but have not yet had sex. I have noted how you are […]

e careful not to fall into my trap, because once I have you, you will be sacrificed for my ASS!! Sydney has finally managed to find you and take her next ass boy prisoner. You see, he has lots of information she wants to extract and she’s decided to do it with her ass! It […]

Are you ready for the ultimate jerk off instruction?.. I don’t think you’ll be able to handle it but I challenge you to try! Sydney is going to be giving you some serious jerk off instruction today. She wants to test you to see just how much teasing and edging you can take! But be warned, if […]

As I watched my slave get castrated, I stood and clicked my heels away… One of the male prisoners has been requested by Sydney the Evil Queen, conquerer of all men and absolute ruler of the world. He served a one year prison sentence for disobedience. As it turns out however, the Queen knows that he’s innocent. But she […]

Oh I know what turns you on… Go ahead, put my school bag down. Keep looking at my shoes, bitch. My socks are so damp, I’ve been wearing them all day! I bet they are really smelly. And I also bet that you love that don’t you?? Gross! I know you do. It’s probably driving […]

I might not be aware that you’re even there, tiny little man, but it doesn’t mean i’m any less dangerous.. You’re another tiny shrunken little man, staring up at Sydney’s perfection and at her giant feet.. fortunately for you, she hast’t noticed you yet.. listen to Sydney’s voice and watch her sunbathe as she guides […]

It’s not an illness, it’s not a disease. It’s a way of life. Submit to your Goddess! Sydney knows that you think of her throughout the day… In the morning, during lunch, dinner, or right before you go to rest. You have a hard time focusing because of Sydney’s power and beauty slowly taking over […]

I love to keep my tiny little human pets and play with them. However if they piss me off, they’re sure to meet a gruesome end! You are one of Sydney’s little pets, and your Goddess comes home from the beach wearing her hot red bikini and platform sandals. Immediately her attention turns to you, as she […]