Are you ready to submit and dedicate your life and body to your Goddess? This is the beginning of your training. The beginning of your new life. Don’t worry, I’ll be there every step of the way. As the mastermind behind your transformation. Are you ready? You have doubts, I can tell. Resistance is futile. This […]

Hi footboys! Ellie and I have a very special treat for you today! Our sexy feet and wrinkled soles! Sydney and Ellie Idol are sitting back relaxing with their feet up and talking about foot fetishists and how excited and pathetic they get when they see a beautiful pair of soles! They both know they have super […]

Sometimes I like to surprise you, dear husband and mix things up a bit! You’re at home just relaxing and reading a book when suddenly, your wife Sydney bursts in with her friend Cleo. They want to know what you’re up to? Oh reading? How boring! Sydney comes over and introduces you to Cleo.. You […]

I love pressing my slave’s limits.. I know there’s always SOMEthing they want that will make them agreeable.. Sydney has you all to herself in her dungeon  is looking amazing with her legs shining under low light, it’s almost mesmerizing.,. she know’s you’re resistant to getting on her cross, bound and helpless, but she’s here […]

Don’t think I don’t see you gawking at me at the gym. Maybe you didn’t know this, but that was my intention the entire time! Sydney loves working out, it’s a big part of how she keeps her amazing Goddess figure! This kind of perfection doesn’t come easy.. however, she has a secret.. she actually really […]

The only reason you’re in my presence is because I want to sit on your unfortunate face. I’m well aware of your excitement by the sight of my ass. No, not just any ass, this is THE Astro-ass. The ass that takes away all forms of men’s logic and reasoning. I want you to wipe […]

Once I sink my claws into you, you’re mine! Not even your puny marriage vows can save you… Raevyn and her husband are talking about how much fun their party was the other night. Things are going so great between them and they’re really starting to build a fun life together. But just as Raevyn […]

Hang out with your Goddess as she awaits the arrival of her real man. You’re nothing but a friend zoned little step-brother to Her. This is a custom clip.Sit down Kyle, I’m glad you were able to come over. You and I need to talk. I dressed up for you, you like it? I wanted […]

Why hello little ass worshipper! Finally you have your session with me, I hope you’re ready… You’re with Sydney today and you’re lucky enough to have gotten an ass worship session. She starts by laying down a few ground rules.. you are to keep your hands to yourself unless she says so, and obey all commands without question. She just wants to […]

I love turning my sissy boyfriends into cocksluts, and today is your turn sissy boy! You’re Sydney’s sissy, submissive boyfriend, and she knows you deserve to be punished. She doesn’t even remember what you did to make her angry, but she’s feeling extra mean today and wants to take it out on you. What will […]