Your dominant girlfriend Sydney is going out to the gym, but you’re not coming with. No, she wants you to stay home and do your chores, while you think about how she’s getting herself all sweaty. She loves to keep you constantly lusting after her, that’s why she’s decided to edge you to her sexy […]

Don’t you just adore my heart shaped asian ass? Well get ready for the perfect vday ass tease! Sydney knows you can’t resist her ass, it’s so perfect and round, shaped like a perfect heart. That’s why this Valentine’s Day she’s going to encourage you to sit and goon for her ass all day! You […]

e careful not to fall into my trap, because once I have you, you will be sacrificed for my ASS!! Sydney has finally managed to find you and take her next ass boy prisoner. You see, he has lots of information she wants to extract and she’s decided to do it with her ass! It […]

Don’t think I don’t see you gawking at me at the gym. Maybe you didn’t know this, but that was my intention the entire time! Sydney loves working out, it’s a big part of how she keeps her amazing Goddess figure! This kind of perfection doesn’t come easy.. however, she has a secret.. she actually really […]

The only reason you’re in my presence is because I want to sit on your unfortunate face. I’m well aware of your excitement by the sight of my ass. No, not just any ass, this is THE Astro-ass. The ass that takes away all forms of men’s logic and reasoning. I want you to wipe […]

Why hello little ass worshipper! Finally you have your session with me, I hope you’re ready… You’re with Sydney today and you’re lucky enough to have gotten an ass worship session. She starts by laying down a few ground rules.. you are to keep your hands to yourself unless she says so, and obey all commands without question. She just wants to […]

Jerking it for my ass is one thing. Cumming for my ass is another. And jerking and cumming until I tell you to stop is the ultimate challenge. Now here’s a fun game you and I can play. You’re obsessed with me and my royal ass right? And you love to stroke it over and over again right? You […]

I know my ass is a national treasure, so I’m going to let you worship today! You’re down at Sydney’s ass today, staring at her beautiful behind right in your face. She knows you want to be facesat again, she is, after all, the facesitting queen! She just wants you to stare and worship for now though. […]

If you decide you’re going to creep up on me, you’d better be ready for a beatdown! Sydney is just getting out of work and walking through the parking lot to her car. You get to play the part of the creepy pervert following her and her amazing ass. She doesn’t even notice you right behind her, staring […]

Let’s have a talk, about ass worship and what you can expect if you’re lucky enough to session with me. You might find this clip a little different. Today Sydney’s going to be talking candidly about her experiences with asshole sniffers and how she prepares for these type of sessions. She gets a lot of […]